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Bharat ni Pratham mahilao

I am posting here a PDF File about India's first women in various field's.  The contribution of women in various fields has been significant.So we should know about the first women who have lived in different parts of India. 

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(1) PDF Name - Bharat Ni Pratham Mahilao PDF in Gujarati.

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(3) Language - Gujarati. 

(4) Total Page - 11. 

Just seeing these women increases the enthusiasm in other women. I am putting it here in the hope that you will like it very much. This PDF gives you all info about all District's of Gujarat.

I have putting this because this PDF is very useful for all students who have prepared for exams. This is a part of general study subject. So it's very important topic for us. 

This PDF file is based on the all women who have first lady in different fields.. In which complete information of all women in different fields.. This PDF File is about only 2 MB Size. 

This PDF will also be very useful to friends rather than preparing general knowledge. I have added some points in this PDF that you may have never read. Please read it.

General study  is a subject that is frequently ask in exams. So it is important for you to prepare it. In general study first women in different fields is asked in exams. They have all been asked where they are addressed. So I have put all that information in this PDF. 

Bharat NI Pratham Mahilao in this PDF file all the first women's of India is given full detail information. This PDF file is part of General knowledge. bharat Ni pratham Mahilao is very imp for your upcoming exam. SO this topic is very important. Bharat Ni Pratham Mahilao PDF file is you can get from link below. 

Bharat Ni Pratham Mahilao PDF File - Click Here

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