General Science PDF In Hindi For SSC & Railway Exams & Other Exams

General Science PDF In Hindi For SSC & Railway Exams & Other Exams :-

General Science PDF file in Hindi For Railway Exams, UPSC Exams, SSC Exams, & other exams. This General Science PDF file is very important for your upcoming competitive exams. In this PDF file all the important knowledge of General Science is given. We are put here General Science Hindi PDF file because so many people are aksed for General Science Hindi PDF file. So we are put here General Science PDF file. This General Science PDF file is most important for every exams. 

General Science PDF In Hindi For SSC & Railway Exams & Other Exams

General Science Hindi PDF file :-

Since 1994 Internet use in the United States has increased by 10,000 percent from 3 million to 304 million people. With this amazing growth comes the time for new things that were not previously thought of. But Al Ries marketing, author of "Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind," and more recently in "The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding," says few companies with Internet strategies make sense. Companies don't understand the difference between the Internet and "Outernet," Ries's name for everything other than the Web. 

General Science PDF In Hindi For SSC & Railway Exams & Other Exams :-

While many online mavens do not strongly agree with Ries' other views on the new economy, there is one important thing to keep in mind. The man was right about sealing problems for the past 35 years. And often it was his only voice in the woods. "Internet branding is more important than Outernet," said Ries, who developed the idea of ​​putting products somewhere to benefit the mind and consumers. 

General Science PDF File in Hindi :-


Internet products are not visible until you enter the product name on the keyboard. If you do not know the name of the product and how to spell it, no sales are possible. Therefore, online, word recognition is very important.

On Outernet, you can walk past a shoe store and have something in the window that catches your eye. You can go inside, try to buy shoes and walk away without remembering the name of the shoe store. The same experience is not possible on the Internet because it does not have visible leads that can attract casual buyers. Ries disagrees with new economic viewers who believe that brick and mortar companies can also sell online, and those who say luxury items can be sold online. Ries says the Internet will become a place for low prices, not high service.

Hindi General Science PDF File :-

Aside from Web’s automated business capabilities for many customer service functions and providing a convenient shopping experience, Ries says people will always want to touch, feel and try products before purchasing. Internet products are useful when customer communication is involved, Ries said. The Internet can provide better two-way communication with customers than in real-world stores. But it can’t give a smile and a cup of coffee while shopping.


General Science Most IMP PDF File :-

The most complete misunderstanding of the Internet, according to Ries, is the idea that advertising can be used to create online products. If you try to save the situation through advertising, people will not pay attention to you. But most advertises because their names are unknown and they think advertising can solve the problem.

Another common misconception is that search engines can direct a large amount of traffic to sites. At the beginning of the very few products that are firmly entrenched in the mind so people should use search engines, Ries said. People are going to search engines now because we are still learning to use the Internet, says Ries, but he suggests that in the long run they will be less important. As people continue to use the Internet they will go directly to various sites. What Internet businesses need before advertising is PR.  While there is a lot of talk about affiliate marketing today, Ries says, "It's usually about launching a program with a lot of noise: using advertising, direct email and notification at the same time. "

General Science PDF file for SSC and Other Exams :-


Dot.coms must have advertising, kept Ries. Usually only the first mover can get information - but there's always a chance to build stories by reducing focus." For example, Ries says, suppose a company sells a wide range of golf options online. Next comes a second site that seeks to sell golf clubs. It makes its mark by selling only left-handed clubs. That would be good news even if the site isn't for the first time. Only after the site has created word recognition in the stream where can it make sense to advertise. Advertising requires trust that can be expressed by the public.

IMP General Science PDF file For Railway And Other Exams :-

Most of them focus too much on media coverage. But getting a broadcast is not something about it. For example. Ries explains, the launch of New Coke is said to have received more than a billion dollars but the product completely failed. From a traditional PR perspective I'm sure it looked like a plum of a story, but systematically it was a Tragedy.

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