Hindi GK Questions For SSC/Railway Exams/UPSC Prelims/Other Exams

Hindi GK Questions For SSC/Railway Exams/UPSC Prelims/Other Exams :-

Hindi General knowledge Questions For SSC / Railway Exams / UPSC Prelims / Other State Level Exams. This Hindi GK Questions PDF file is very important for your upcoming state level exams and other board exams. General Knowledge is very important for every exam. So we are put here in this article Hindi General Knowledge Questions PDF file. This Hindi General Knowledge Questions Answers are very important for your exams. Many people asked for Hindi General Knowledge PDF file. 

Hindi GK Questions For SSC/Railway Exams/UPSC Prelims/Other Exams

Hindi General Knowledge Question Answer PDF file :-

A good strategy will replace the best business models that will change with the times. Getting used to the Internet does not mean that you need to open a website, says Ries, but you may need to change the way you do business. He predicts that it will be 50 years before the complete change made on the Internet is fully understood.

Ries attack brick and mortar companies that try to make bricks and click companies. Putting an Outernet company online reduces productivity, saves them, and that’s a surefire way to fail. The best strategy to change and times is to give an online business a new name or a new job.

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For example, he says, Home Depot has low-cost strategies in their stores. Their Internet strategy is to warn suppliers that if they catch them selling products online they will discard it, Ries said. "They are cramped because suppliers can do a lot to sell their products online."

For Home Depot and its suppliers to be successful, Home Depot can move its store strategy from price to a more focused service, perhaps by providing plumbing and carpentry classes. They will then be able to open a website under a different name, and providers will be able to sell to Home Depot and their websites.

Hindi General Knowledge Question Answer PDF file :-

Cheap driver in Outernet, Ries ends, but that will change. Research shows, he notes, that the First Number is the reason people give for shopping at retail stores. But the Internet will soon offer the best deals and Outernet will be forced to make good service with its core marketing strategy. There is a high end, but it is a small market share. "The number one retailer in America is Wal-Mart. Their motto is 'we sell for less.' Thanks to the Internet, Wal-Mart could be in big trouble.

THE INTERNET cannot provide hand movements. Observers say most consumers will use the Internet to do research but shop in an Outernet store. Ries agrees. The consumer's ability to get a quick price comparison online will force many Internet retailers to have a price tag.

Hindi GK Questions Answers PDF file for SSC and Other Exams :-

"If everything you want is cheap, you have to go to the Internet. The Internet can't provide the one thing people still want: touch and try a product." A recent London study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) came to a similar conclusion. It has been reported that instead of the Internet squandering traditional dealers, car buyers may be using sites to obtain information, but not to complete deals.

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Predicting that 60 percent of car sales will be made online by 2005, says Ian Robertson, director of the EIU automotive group. In fact, the report shows people who use the Internet to collect information and intelligence at pricing, but in order to reach an agreement they still need to confirm the traditional handshake you don't get online, "Robertson told Reuters.

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