CCC 300 + Computer One liner Question Answer PDF in Gujarati

Hello Friends... Today we are going to put here in this article a very important PDF file of CCC exam. We are going to put here in this article CCC one liner questions answers PDF file in Gujarati language. This Computer One liner question answer PDF file gives you a very nice knowledge of Computer. Many people are asked for CCC exam material. So we are put here for you and for your upcoming CCC exam. 

CCC 300 + Computer One liner Question Answer PDF in Gujarati

How do you keep working when your computer goes down? If you have a backup computer synced to your main computer, it becomes much easier to move forward. However, if you do not want and need to use a new or borrowed computer while yours is being repaired, here are 10 computer backup tools to help you upgrade and use faster.

Despite my best efforts, this past week I lost my first and second computer programs. After losing my main desktop several years ago, I vowed I would never allow myself to be caught without an active PC. As they say, "the road to h * ll has been opened for good intentions," and I was also caught with my pants down without a working computer when my desktop, which had been showing signs of problems last month, died suddenly and did not open.

Then I went to my laptop, which I admitted I was too lazy to keep updated, turned it on. As soon as the Windows update process started, he asked me to install the Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. After doing that successfully on my desktop, I wasn’t too worried about any laptop installation issues. However, upon completion of the installation, a blue screen of death appeared, which is not at all a good indicator with a Windows-based program.

After trying unsuccessfully for about an hour to repair my laptop (which is only 8 months old and still under warranty), I knew I was in trouble and started looking for alternatives. Luckily, my husband kept the laptop he used to play while we were traveling, and he freely offered to let me install my programs and files on it until I repaired one of my computers.

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