CCC E-Book By Motion Career Academy

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CCC E-Book By Motion Career Academy

After finally admitting that there was no way I could foresee the situation, I decided that I needed to design it, go through it, and move on. So, I work with a lightly portable laptop computer that will perform until one or more of my PCs are restored.

Although I have experienced similar situations before, I am still learning a few new things along the way about getting data and computer backup. Here are 10 most effective tools for saving my bacon during my recent computer meltdown.

Default software. I had to get back from Carbonite earlier, and found that the process is long and somewhat confusing. So, a few months ago I started using Syncplicity because it provides online access to all backup files and the ability to sync an unlimited number of computers. However, it took a week to recover 20 GB of data with Syncplicity, and some data was not actually restored, except for what Syncplicity told me in my account. However, I can easily download this non-computer information to my online room. One process that makes this backup program easier is that I store all my data files in My Docs so I don't have to scan them in Program Files, or where they are usually stored.

Email client software. I still use dinosaur Eudora on my email client. Old habits die hard, I think. However, I somehow missed marking some Eudora folders for backup, so I was using webmail for my access provided by my hosting company for email access because of this Eudora look. I started to get tired of that right away, because I had no way of making additional folders in those systems, so I decided to manually set up Eudora and open folders and emails as I needed them in the system. This experience has made me very tempted to switch all my incoming and outgoing email servers to all Gmail so that I can access everything online, from a hurricane, flood, hurricane, or computer crash.

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