Computer PDF By ICE Academy Rajkot

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Computer PDF By ICE Academy Rajkot

Although the term ‘computer security’ is widely used, computer content is actually only a few risk factors unless the computer is connected to others in the network. With the use of computer networks (especially the Internet) has skyrocketed in the last few years, the term computer security is now being used to describe the challenges facing the computer network and its resources. The major areas of computer security are privacy, integrity and authentication / availability.

Confidentiality, also known as privacy or confidentiality, means that the information you have cannot be accessed by unauthorized groups. Violation of privacy from embarrassment to disaster. Integrity means your information is protected from unauthorized changes that are not available to authorized users. The integrity of the database and other resources is often compromised by hacking. Authentication means that the user is what he or she claims to be. Availability means that resources are accessible to authorized groups. Examples of available attacks are ‘service denial’ attacks.

Other important thing's computer security experts are concerned about are access control and refusal. Accessibility control not only provides users with access to the resources and services they are entitled to receive, but also the fact that they cannot be denied access to the services they are legally entitled to. Repentance means that the person sending the message cannot deny that you sent it again in the same way.

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