Gujarati Film Details In Gujarati PDF | Notable Gujarati films Details In Gujarati

Hello Friends..... Today We are going to put here Gujarati Films and their details in Gujarati PDF file. We are put here in this article the very important PDF file. In this PDF file all Gujarati Films details are given. Which is the first Gujarati Film ? Who is Producer Of First Gujarati Film ? This types of questions are asked in competitive exams. So we are put here this PDF file. In this PDF file this all questions answers are given. 

Gujarati Film Details In Gujarati PDF

This is my 20th year working in the film industry in more than 40 film productions. In all that time I have never met a new graduate of film school who has a guide to the most important aspect of film making - MONEY! I’ve always thought (wrongly, it turns out) that film readers weren’t interested in knowing about film budgets. However, after a recent study of film students from a prestigious film college we learned that film students ACT with the understanding that knowing the language of the film budget is important in their film careers. Surprisingly, more than 80% were excited to learn more about the film's budget!

Those who work in the film business realize how important it is to become familiar with the film's budget, if not technically. The confidentiality of film budgets makes it very difficult, even for active filmmakers, to adapt to a film budget. (I have a true story in my book about a meeting I had with Ron Howard in 1993 where he wanted to learn some details about his film budget - even though he had been in the film business for more than 30 years as an actor and emerging director).

Learning about film budgets while on the job comes with hard work, expensive budget software and overnight training with a technical manual (if you can get it). In my 20 years of working in the film business, I HAVE NEVER shown the film budget to anyone except a few selected insiders - Producers, Production Managers, Studios, Brewing Companies, etc. Therefore, exposure to real film budgets is an internal right - one that will open the door for my readers. (Keep in mind that the statistics shown are only a sample. The statistics are real enough, but they are not drawn to my previous / current / future products.)

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