Karkirdi Margardarshan Visheshank Book 2021

Hello friends..... Today, we are going to put here very useful information about the standard 10th and standard 12th students. People who are finding the information about the What is after 10th or 12th, they are read this below book. We are put here Karkirdi Margdarshan Visheshank Book PDF file 2021. This book PDF file is very useful for all students. So we are put here this book PDF file. Dhoran 10 ane Dhoran 12 Pachi Shu ? 

Karkirdi Margardarshan Visheshank Book 2021

Career Guidance Book In Gujarati PDF | Karkirdi Margardarshan Visheshank Book 2021:

Are you confused about deciding your career? Looking for the Required Guide to Choose the Right Work in India? Good luck with this article as here you will find the best way to choose the right job. There is a saying ‘You. We must choose our job, not our parents. Yes, we need our parents' guidance in this regard. There are many factors that determine our work. One of the expectations of our parents is one such thing. But we have to choose our work according to our will and interests.

Here are some of the major factors that actually guide a person to choose a better and more suitable career: Parents' dreams are a great thing to keep in mind as Our parents begin making plans for us the moment we are born. They began to dream about our future. They also try to achieve success with their child, which they themselves have not been able to achieve.

The social importance of work matters is due to other people who are attracted to the respect and importance of society. Athletes are loved and admired by the community. But if a person who does not have the qualifications to become a sportsman to be respected, he will not succeed. Peer pressure as the choices of our Friends' work also influence us. It is like a flock of sheep, one after another.

Money is very important as everyone wants to be a doctor or an engineer, but few want to be teachers. Why is that? The answer is a salary. We are attracted to jobs that offer more income. But income is not everything. It's all about how much we enjoy our lives. What we love and what we love as it is necessary for everyone to choose a career depending on their likes and dislikes. In this way, we will always contribute 100% to our work.

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